Recent developments globally has shown that conflicts, disasters (Naturally occurring or as a result of Human activities) and environmental issues occur unexpectedly creating emergency and crisis situations. These usually call for immediate attention as it puts the human race and the environment at great risks. Most conflicts, disasters and environmental issues occur unexpectedly or have never occurred before, thus our level of preparedness may be very low or required expertises are not available. The entire populace within such environment is put at great risks, recovery processes must be put in place and strategies for prevention of further occurrence/damage considered.

Emergency, Crisis, Disaster, Safety, Environmental & Risk Management Institute is a Professional Institute established or set out to promote professionalism and best practices in the profession of Emergency, Crisis, Disaster, Safety, Environmental & Risk Management through seminars, workshops and symposium.The Institute develops Human Capacity in Emergencies, Crisis, Disasters, Safety, Environmental & Risk Management.

We create knowledge through research and disseminate such knowledge by creating awareness; organize training on public safety; update, upgrade, enhance and improve skills of practicing professionals.  The importance of training and its impact on organizational growth and success cannot be overemphasized. Our training and development offer more than just increased knowledge; it also offers the added advantages of networking. The ability to share resources such as ideas, experience, develop stronger ties and commitments between team members, organizations and the community at large.

“An International Centre of Excellence, a leading provider and an internationally recognized professional body in Emergency, Crisis, Disaster, Safety, Environment & Risk Management”.


“To create and organize training courses, conduct research and create knowledge through educational programmes, professional forums and workshops”.

The Institute Journals and Newsletters are sent to every financial member free of charge
Attractive discounts are given to members who attend the Institute’s Trainings, Courses, Conferences, Seminars, Workshops, Symposia, and Lectures etc.
Members are authorized to use the initials, SFECRMI, FECRMI. Members are allowed to attend the Institute’s Annual General Meetings and Conventions organized by the Institute yearly.
Gainful employment and strategic positioning in organizations.
Acquisition of expertise Skills and knowledge backed by professional qualification from our various courses…